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In 2006, I spent 7 months building a log cabin in Whitefield, ME.  For the first few months, I worked side-by-side with a builder, Bob Emery, to get the walls up and the roof complete.  While Bob was an experienced builder, he had never built a log cabin before; nor had I.  We started with subcontracted site work and foundation in March, and began the house construction in earnest in May. 

Once the roof was complete in early July 2006, I worked mostly alone to complete the interior of the house before we moved in on November 10, 2006.  Along the way, Bob returned to help out with some of the heavier work that I couldn't do alone, like installing windows and doors in August, and building the porches and decks in October.

During the process, I documented the daily construction progress on these pages.  This extensive log is the result.  I hope you find it entertaining.

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The house has been "complete" and lived-in for some time now, since November 2006, and other than occasionally and/or seasonally changing the header photo, seen on the top of every page, I no longer make notable changes to this website.  But the header photo is a dynamic feature that I began early in the construction process; for a quick flip-book look at the construction and changes, check out the chronological header archives page.

We love the house, and I am happy to have had the experience of building it.  It was a life-changing opportunity, one that I am proud of but which I would probably not rush to do again anytime soon.



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