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This afternoon, I got a call from Bob Emery telling me that he had set up with the excavator (McGee Construction) to arrive next Monday to start digging for the foundation.  Even though I was prepared and excited to get going on the house, and knew that we were trying to accelerate the process, the news still left me a bit stunned with the immediacy of it all.  But I quickly regrouped, and looked forward to next week.

Between now and then, Heidi an I will go up and I'll show here where Bob and I had figured the house would be placed, to make sure that she likes the location as well.

The real action begins next week!  See you then.



I've started these pages to document the construction of our Moose Creek Log Home in Whitefield, ME.  We bought 50 acres of land in March, 2005, and spent the rest of 2005 working on some site clearing, infrastructure (electricity, well, septic system, driveway), and building a boat barn to house my business.

Additional Information>>>Photo Site for Whitefield

We originally planned to begin house construction in late March or early April, 2006.  However, a warmer than normal winter filled with frequent and significant temperature fluctuations--and very little snow--began to cause us some concern about early road postings that limit heavy trucks' travel opportunities during the spring.  We wanted to get excavation equipment in before the posting to dig for the foundation, and also to get the concrete poured before such time as well.  So we moved forward and accelerated the planning a bit in the hopes of avoiding posting-related delays.  Time will tell whether we are successful or not, but we're doing all we can to get the process underway sooner than later.

Last Wednesday, I got together with Bob Emery, who will help build the house shell, and we looked at the site for the house to get some rough measurements for the general placement.  This was the first time I had measured anything out up there, and I was pleased to find that the house fit almost exactly as I had envisioned it.  There was so much debris still onsite around the old foundation, mostly bulldozed scrub from the fields sometime in the past, that we couldn't really access one side of the site, but at least we got an idea where the house would end up.  The photo at the top of the page shows the house site.

In any case, follow along here to watch the process.  I'll post regular updates as progress dictates, along with photos.  Each new update will be on this page, with older updates beneath.  As the entries grow, I'll archive them weekly or monthly (as needed), but you'll always be able to find past entries in the left-hand menu.

See you next time!

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