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We were away for two weeks, and when we returned on Sunday the lawn had gone crazy.  The grass had grown quite tall, and more impressively the weeds had grown to 12" in height.  It looked like we'd been away for months.

But this was good news, since the areas had filled in very well, and it was now time to mow the new lawn for the first time.  It took me most of the day Sunday to get it done, since I first had to make a pass with my large tractor and flail to cut down the worst of the weeds and grass height, and then followed up with the lawn tractor afterwards.

There's still plenty of room for improvement with the lawn, but things will start filling in rapidly now.  It's been my experience that nothing makes a lawn grow, and fill in, more than simply mowing it.  I'm very excited to finally have a lawn:  it makes the house look like it belongs here, and of course will be a lot cleaner for us and the dogs.




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