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FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2007


At least it was only 5" this week.


April showers bring May flowers.  So what does a big April snowstorm bring, then?

I think it was 1982 (April 9 or 11?) that I remember being the last time we received any appreciable snow in April.  This one, occurring last night and into this morning, was a doozie, with about a foot of snow here and across most of the state--and more in some areas.

In a bizarre twist, this particular storm is the only one this season that did NOT mix with or change to sleet, rain, or freezing rain.  It's all snow, albeit a wet, dense snow, since the temperature hovered right below the freezing mark.

We had just been turning the corner here in terms of snow melt and drying out the mud.  Now, we can start the process all over again.  For all that, I find myself surprisingly unbothered by the snow, other than the prospect of more mud.  And it is pretty, to be sure.

It doesn't help the progress on the house exterior, nor does it help with getting some work done on the boat.  Good thing I planned on a late-ish launch date this year!





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