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Progress Report:  2003 Archives

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Reports from July 2003
7/6/03  7/13/03  7/20/03  7/27/03

Log for the Week Ending July 6, 2003

On a pleasant afternoon one day, with a few hours to spare, I removed remaining bronze deck hardware from all the sidedeck pieces.  As time allows, I'm trying to slowly dispose of all the deck removal debris, which is still cluttering the yard near the boat.  To be fair to my trash guys, I try to spread out the big debris over a long period of time.

Click here to read more about the hardware removal and deck disposal.

There's still a large pile of debris, including the entire cockpit and cabin trunk, left to dispose of at this point.  I'm slowly whittling away at it, though, and by the end of the summer the pile should be gone.

Log for the Week Ending July 13, 2003

I'm afraid there is no progress to report for this week.

Log for the Week Ending July 20, 2003

I'm afraid there is no progress to report for this week.  (What a slacker, I.  Hey--it's sailing season.  Short enough as it is.)

It looks like barn construction will start within the next couple weeks.  I can't wait!

Log for the Week Ending July 27, 2003

Over a period of two days, I removed a number of trees and otherwise cleared the bulk of the barn site at the back edge of my property.

Read more about the site clearing here.

Red-B-Gone  Every boat I've ever had the displeasure of stripping has had red bottom paint; I don't like red bottom paint to begin with, and sanding it only adds to the unpleasantness.

However, in a relatively short 3-hour period on Tuesday, I managed to get nearly all the old red bottom paint off the hull, using a specialty paint-stripping tool and my trusty 8" grinder with a soft pad and sticky-back adhesive discs (40 grit).  I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I got the bulk of the paint off the bottom; the job was nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated.  And during the next two days, I used my 5" Porter Cable to sand off the remaining paint residue on both sides, completing the stripping job.  Final smoothing/sanding will occur later; for now, the bottom is sanded only to 40 grit.

Read more about the bottom stripping here.

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