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Progress Report:  2003 Archives

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Reports from March, 2003

3/2/03  3/9/03  3/16/03  3/23/03  3/30/03

Log for the Week Ending March 2, 2003

Response to the poll dropped dramatically this week, as expected--most interested viewers obviously took it already.  To all who took the time to send your responses and comments:  thank you!  While the results didn't indicate any particular trends that I wasn't expecting, it was extremely interesting and valuable to hear from all.  I have posted the unedited comments for now, and later, as the whole building and concept process continues, I'll reflect on some of the comments and my own reasoning.

Click here to see the final poll results, and selected commentary.

This week brought some nice, nearly-final concept drawings of the new boat barn from Mike.  This was the second go-round, as there were a few things in his original concept that I wanted to change.  The drawings represent a fine looking 30' x 40' barn with a nice 8:12 roof pitch, and classic, clean New England lines.  The final drawings are just around the corner.

See more information on the barn metamorphosis here.

I'm afraid there is no other progress to report for this week.

Log for the Week Ending March 9, 2003

I posted the final concept drawings of my proposed boat barn, and am awaiting the final drawings, due anytime now.  With the drawings, I can quote out the materials cost and get some idea what this folly will cost--and, assuming it's within the realm, start moving ahead with plans for construction this spring and summer.

Click here to see the 2nd generation concept sketches.

With more frigid temperatures, icy rain, and concrete-like snow everywhere, there's still no real progress to report on anything else.  Patience, my friends...this too shall pass.

Log for the Week Ending March 16, 2003

Will spring ever come?  Cold weather continued this week, although with one or two "teasers" along the way.  The forecasters promise 50 degrees on Sunday--we'll see.

In just under 2 months, Glissando will go in the water, and after that point I can address the final project location for the daysailor.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to getting in and doing some real demolition work to #100.  Between now and sometime this fall, I expect to have the whole boat stripped and gutted down to the bare hull.  But progress for the next couple months will remain slow, unfortunately, as at this time I am concentrating on some house-related projects and, once the weather warms for good, getting Glissando ready for splash.

Stick around.

Log for the Week Ending March 23, 2003

There is no progress to report for this week, but the snow is melting...slowly, but surely, retreating away from the boats.  I can't wait till I get back to work on the boat.




Log for the Week Ending March 30, 2003

Still nothing new and exciting to report--sorry!

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