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Progress Report:  2003 Archives

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Reports from December 2003

12/7/03  12/14/03  12/21/03  12/28/03
Log for the Week Ending December 7, 2003

ds4-120503.jpg (43329 bytes)As I prepared this week's website update, I was amazed to see that the last time I actually did any work on the boat itself was on August 28!  Wow.  Not that I wasn't busy during the weeks in between then and now, what with the barn/shop construction and significant Glissando projects--but still, I was surprised to see how long it had been.

In any event, this week I completed the demolition and unbuilding portion of the project, ahead of my self-imposed deadline of December 23 (which marks the one year anniversary of the boat's delivery to my backyard).  From here on out, all work will be concentrated on new construction and adding things to the hull, rather than taking away--a project milestone, to be sure.

barnstorm.jpg (63286 bytes)Click here for more about the final demolition.

Baby's First Snow
On Saturday, a huge snowstorm began (which was forecast to last through the weekend), giving the boat barn its first taste of winter.  Inside, all was warm and quiet, despite the storm raging outside.  I geared up for my first plow of the season, with up to two feet of the white stuff predicted.   

Log for the Week Ending December 14, 2003

The first snowstorm of the season turned out to be one of long duration, as any of you reading on the East Coast well know.  For nearly 36 hours, snow fell in our area, though the rates of accumulation were not particularly intense; still, with steady snowfall for such a long time, We got about 12+ inches here, though it was hard to know for sure with all the drifting from howling 50-knot winds.   Then, on Thursday, the temperature rose to nearly 50 and we received heavy rain, washing away much of the snow.  

Obviously, the point I am laboring to convey here is that no work occurred on the Daysailor this week!  It was a busy week on Glissando, though.

Log for the Week Ending December 21, 2003

barn121603.jpg (58667 bytes)Boy, where do the weeks go?  It seems like I blink, and it's Sunday again.  This week was a mishmash of snowstorms (another foot on Monday), more rain, holiday preparations, and varnish.  With the shop cleaned as much as possible to rid excess dust, I attempted no work on the Daysailor this week.  (Sigh)

Merry Christmas!  See you next week.

Log for the Week Ending December 28, 2003

I had hoped to be able to report that I began work on the new construction, but as it turned out I had little time during the week to work on either boat.  After a day or two of figuring I'd have a few hours to get out to the shop, only to find that I really didn't, I gave up and more or less decided to take a vacation for the remainder of the week, looking forward to a fresh start on Monday.  Next week, with New Years being one of those non-event holidays for us (big deal--so the last digit of the year changes--so what), I figure I will have the opportunity to get back into the groove, post-holiday season and all , and get back to work for real.  I know it's not even January yet...but God, it's almost January!  Time to get down to brass tacks here (or should I use bronze ones) and get working.  I feel like I've been in slow motion all month.  December is tough that way...I shouldn't be surprised, I guess!

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