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Progress Report:  2003 Archives

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Reports From April, 2003
4/6/03  4/13/03  4/20/03  4/27/03

Log for the Week Ending April 6, 2003

I'm afraid there is no progress to report this week.  Again.  Fortunately, nearly all the snow melted over the past couple weeks, but this week was cold and raw most days, with snow at the end of the week.  We lucked out here and missed the worst of this silly 3-day snow event, accumulating only about 2 inches total--demoralizing, to be sure, but it could have been worse!  Parts of southern Maine and New Hampshire received  nearly a foot of snow over the same period.  I really like snow when it comes between November and March, but by then I'm done with it.  Hopefully the weather will turn for the better soon.

None of this has anything to do with the daysailor, of course--just rambling!  I can't wait to have some real progress to report


Log for the Week Ending April 13, 2003

Time for an artsy photo of me and the future daysailor...Well, the weather certainly beats that of a week ago, but there's room for improvement, to be sure.  At least the snow is gone.

This week, I met with a builder who has done quite a bit of work for some of my family in the past.  I needed to get a better handle on a potential cost for the boat barn.  What I proposed was a simplified version of my nice barn plan, omitting frills for the moment.  Because of the size of the structure, and knowing my own capabilities and limitations thereunto, I asked for a quote for framed, sheathed walls and a roof--leaving whatever is left for me to finish at my own pace.  The quote I received includes all labor and materials for this, as well as a 6" reinforced concrete slab--everything but the site work.

I won't go into the exact quote here, but it is on the cusp of affordability...a bit higher than I had hoped for, but not so far out that it dismisses all possibility.  The long and the short of it is that I still don't have a clear idea as to whether or not I'm going to build this barn...the quote wasn't strong enough to sway me definitely in either direction.

There may be some issues with the proposed building site, too.  That remains to be seen--first I have to mentally accept the quote for the building itself, at least in the grand scheme, and then, once (if) I do, then I can start worrying about the other details.  More to come on this later, as things unfold.

Of course I want the barn, big time.  But it's a tough nut to crack.  At this time, I am completely up in the air...but I can't get it out of my mind.

Log for the Week Ending April 20, 2003

I'm afraid I have nothing to report for this week.

Log for the Week Ending April 27, 2003

Ahh, spring.  When a young man's heart turns to...boat barns?

For the upcoming week, I'm planning to make an appointment to get an excavator over here and check out my potential boat barn site.  I have some access issues I need to resolve before committing, and need their opinion before moving forward.  Plus, I need a quote for the earth work that will be involved in leveling for a slab and putting in a very basic road bed.

Hopefully, next week at this time I'll have something more (please pardon the pun) concrete to report.  Ha ha.

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