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Progress Report:  2003  Archives

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Reports from May 2003
5/4/03  5/11/03  5/18/03  5/25/03

Log for the Week Ending May 4, 2003

Monday was a very pleasant day, weather wise, and I decided to get up on the boat for the first time since sometime in February, I think.  I folded back the after part of the cover and threw all the junk from the demolition out onto the ground for trash removal.  One thing led to another, and I ended up removing all the covers for good and doing some more interior demolition.

Read more about the ongoing interior demolition here.

On Friday, I met with a local excavator about the barn site work.  We chose a location for the building and new driveway, and I'm awaiting a quote for the site work.  Once that arrives, I'll make the ultimate, and final, decision on the thing.

Log for the Week Ending May 11, 2003

Sunday afternoon, I had a blast working inside the boat.  Armed with a stack of new Sawz-All blades, I removed the Atomic 4 and copper jacketed exhaust system.

Read more about the engine removal here.

I also removed the stainless steel half oval that covers the hull-deck joint, in preparation for ultimately cutting the deck off.  The seam between hull and deck (ahem) seemed to be a fair line, which means that I should be able to cut right through the seam when the time comes.  That's a little ways down the road, though.  Later in the week, I tackled the rudder removal and succeeded in removing the rudder, rudder shaft, and gudgeons.

Read more about the parts removal  here.

I got my quote on the site work for the boat barn.  It was higher than I expected, but I suppose reasonable enough for the job at hand.  It looks like the barn will be built.  I still may seek additional quotes on some of the work to double check that things are in balance.  

Read more about the boat barn progress here.

With Glissando's launching pending on Monday May 12, and a pretty full week thereafter, I don't expect much progress on the Daysailor in the coming week.  But you never know!

Log for the Week Ending May 18, 2003

I'm afraid there is no progress to report for this week.  

Log for the Week Ending May 25, 2003

The barn will be built!  I made the final mental commitment this week.  I expect to obtain a building permit in the coming week and get the site work underway as soon as the contractor is available.  I'll have to go out and cut down some small trees and do some minor clearing first; knowing this particular excavator, he tends to be ready to jump on the project about the instant you call him, so I think I'd better be mostly ready before I place that call.

I'm afraid there was no further progress on the boat this week.  Lousy weather and (gasp!) "real" work prevailed.

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