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Progress Report:  2004 Archives

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Reports from September, 2004
9/5/04  9/12/04  9/19/04  9/26/04

Log for the Week Ending September 5, 2004

The plywood beadboard for the first layer (down-facing) of the decks made a short journey this week, from the floor of the shop up to the boat's deck frame.  This journey, lest you wonder at its seeming insignificance, was the first step towards actually beginning to cut out the various pieces to the correct shape prior to priming and painting.

Alas, that was the extent of what happened this week.  Hang tight, friends.  The sailing season is wrapping up quickly (too quickly), and soon, very soon, there should be regular and interesting progress to report.

Log for the Week Ending September 12, 2004

There is no progress to report for this week.

Log for the Week Ending September 19, 2004

barnbackpainted.jpg (112796 bytes)It only took 11 months to get around to it, but I finally painted the back side of the barn this week.  With nice weather and some time on my hands, I finally just jumped in, after months of procrastination and worrying about painting the high blankness of the back gable of the barn.  As it happened, it wasn't even that bad.  I made things a little easier on myself by painting the upper gable trim and soffits with the gray stain, rather than forcing another trip up the endless ladder to paint those areas with the green trim paint; it's the back of the barn, and no one (including me) ever really looks up at the gable trim.  Besides, the main point was to protect the wood, so I felt this cheating step was just ducky.  I ran out of stain just before completing the entire back, so I had to run for another gallon to complete the job.  Later in the week, I applied two coats of green trim paint to the window trim and trim boards, completing the painting.

Working on the barn again made me go back and read the logs from a year ago, to see where I was at that point.  It was fun to read back through the construction progress exactly a year ago, though I was happy to have most of those events well behind me (particularly insulating, which was not quite a year ago).

Log for the Week Ending September 26, 2004

I'm afraid there is no progress to report for this week.  It's the final two weeks of the sailing season (ending Oct. 4 for me), so I tried to spend as much free time on the water as possible.

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