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Blue Teal | Wednesday, June 12, 2013

With some other commitments, it was a late start on the day, but after doing some measurements inside to determine the overall area to be covered with cork lining, I began with the engine foundation blanks.  After unclamping (unscrewing) the long blank, I cut it in half, then glued the two sections together to form an 8-layer blank long enough for both sides of the engine foundation.


After sanding, I deemed the through hull patch complete, and I coated the area with unthickened epoxy to seal the faired area.  Meanwhile, I lightly hand-sanded the new fiberglass in the engine room bilge to remove any rough edges and prepare the area for paint later in the process.


Before I could contemplate some of the tasks ahead, it made sense to tackle the various areas of the interior that required paint, starting with the forward cabin.  Here, most surfaces would be painted and largely hidden, so after final preparations, including vacuuming, solvent wash, and minimal masking, I painted the hull, lockers and bulkheads with white Bilgekote, the first of two coats required.



Total Time on This Job Today:  4 hours

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