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Welcome to Lackey Sailing
Tim Lackey formed Lackey Sailing, LLC in 2004 to dedicate himself to the preservation of worthy sailboats and powerboats through restoration, rebuilding, repairs and upgrades, and occasional unique conversion projects

Working alone, one boat at a time, Tim strives to raise the bar in quality and return your boat to Bristol condition--at surprisingly reasonable cost.  Thorough online work logs detail the entire process.

Lackey Sailing specializes in stem-to-stern restorations of older boats of all types, but we also take on smaller jobs, repair work, custom conversion projects, systems work, repowering, and more.  Let us show you how we can help you--whether you want to spruce up your existing boat, or start from scratch with  neglected classic to rebuild to your own vision.

Please call or email Tim directly to talk about your project.

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Conversion Projects
Something that sets Lackey Sailing apart from the crowd are our unique conversion projects--taking a worn-out classic hull and rebuilding it in a new vision for the decades ahead.  While these are special projects and not for everyone, this custom work brings a new dimension to the possibilities of older hulls.  Why limit yourself to a stock production boat? 

Bolero, completed in 2008

We've been lucky enough to take on two of these projects so far:  be sure to check out the construction logs for these and other projects.

Click here to visit a listing of past and ongoing project logs.

Windsong, completed in 2005

If you're intrigued, please call or email Tim directly for more information, or to talk about your project.

Contact Lackey Sailing 

The Shop

In 2006, Lackey Sailing relocated to a new facility in Whitefield, Maine.  From our new world headquarters, we hope to bring you many more interesting projects for years to come.  Equipped with a pair of work bays, storage areas, and a comfortable woodshop, we're ready to handle your boat up to 39'.

Click here to check out the construction and the final result.

Ongoing and Past Project Logs
Please check out our long list of detailed daily logs for our projects. 

Click here to visit a listing of past and ongoing project logs.


Current Projects
Shop Bay 1
Waanderlust, Rhodes Swiftsure 33
Phase IV:  Final Task List
Click here to view the project.

Shop Bay 2
1991 Nimble Nomad 25' Trawler
Cosmetic Restoration and Repower
Click here to view the project.

Shop News

Upcoming Projects
Here's what's coming up next.

Side Projects
Sometimes there's a small project going on the side...but not right now.

Recently Completed Projects
Patience, 1985 Laser 28' Sloop
Sundry Maintenance and
Improvement Tasks
Click here to view the project.
Lively Heels (FKA Momentum)
 1976 Fisher 30 Ketch
Complete Rebuild
Click here to view the project.
Click here to see all past projects.

For Sale
1967 Alberg 30
Click here for the listing and the seller's contact information.
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