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Blue Teal | Monday, June 10, 2013

Picking up where I left off, I continued my way forward, sanding the overhead, cabin sides, and starboard lockers in the head compartment as required.  As in the main cabin, the owner requested a cork overhead and cabin sides, but the lockers would be simply painted.   I removed loose paint as needed to achieve a sound substrate for the specific finish work intended.


Next, I repeated the process in the forward cabin, preparing the overhead, undersides of the deck, and cabin sides for eventual cork overlay, and the other areas for utility paint.  The owner had a modular, folding/removable system of lockers and berth tops for this space that were not in the boat now.





After a thorough clean-up inside the boat to remove sanding dust and debris, I removed the remains of the knotmeter through hull and prepared the exterior of the hull in that area for patching by grinding out a dished section of laminate to receive new material, and cleaned out the inside of the old hole to remove sealant.  Then, I filled the remains of the hole with an epoxy mixture, which I let partially cure before removing the tape and installing two layers of biaxial cloth on each side of the patch.



With the bulk sanding portion of the project behind me, I moved forward with the first steps towards the new engine foundations.  From a previous installation, I already had a template of the new Beta 20 engine, which would have otherwise been one of my first construction steps.   

I arranged an alignment string through the shaft log, running it through the centers of a pair of wooden plugs that held the line where it needed to be in the center of the shaft, and secured the far end to a brace on the forward bulkhead for easy adjustment and removal/reinstallation throughout the process.  Meanwhile, I collected various tools and scraps to use next time, when I'd start the engine layout process in earnest.




Total Time on This Job Today:  8.5 hours

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